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Patient Testimonials

  • Steven Williams is that rare physician who is not only skilled in his profession, but who deeply cares about his patients and their health. When I moved to Boise from N.H., I knew I was facing surgery for a tumor on my colon and I was scared that I’d never find the sort of doctor I had had in New England.

    I was, however, lucky to find Dr. Williams: my colon resection went well, my recovery was quick, and my post-surgical problems were negligible. When I see him for follow-up appointments, he’s not only concerned about the job he did, but also about my overall health, making sure my oncologist is keeping up with everything and even helping me to get to see a booked-up neurosurgeon when I needed back surgery. I can’t say enough about how much Dr. Williams has done to make my health concerns his own. He’s a really fine doctor.

  • I saw Dr. Steve Williams when I needed to have my gallbladder removed. He was awesome. He took the time to discuss and actually explain everything to me. He cared about what he was doing as well as my well-being. The surgery went amazing. The after care was explained and I just had my post op check up today. Again, you can clearly tell he cares about his patients. Everything was good and I definitely think anyone who needs a surgeon should see Dr. Williams. He takes being a doc to the level it should be.

  • I was referred to DR Williams by my medical doctor for a haital hernia. After further testing. surgery was scheduled. He explained each possibility and what could have happened and the possible fix. Being the first major issue I have had with health issues, I was really anxious. On the day of surgery he again went over everything in detail of what he had planned on doing with my daughter and myself. it was one nasty hernia for him to repair as my stomach and esophagus had moved as well.

    I can't thank him and his staff for the results that were accomplished. His nurse, Syra took the time to answer all my questions and made me feel as tho I was a person. Today was my post-op appointment and they were just as concerned as the first day I went to see them. His bedside manners were great for me. I will definitely refer him to any one

  • Amazing doctor. I went through three doctors and three misdiagnosis before I found him and I wouldnt have trusted any other doctor with my care. He was great and got me out of pain quick. I cant thank him enough. He didnt have any room in his schedule for me but made it work because of all I had been through. He was very good at explaining every step and my surgery went very well. I recommend him over any other surgeon in the treasure valley.

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